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Recommended for:


● Customers with normal, dry or sensitive skin
● Customers who want a vitamin C-based facial oil that is light,
penetrates easily and is fast-absorbing
● Customers who appreciate the importance of a stable Vitamin C


1. 98.5% NATURAL
The naturally derived formula combines the benefits of 12
essential oils, including sandalwood for hydration and rose for a
youthful complexion. Geranium works to balance oil production,
while ylang ylang minimises the potential for breakouts. Carrot
seed oil gently boosts skin cell regeneration for a fresh and
smooth complexion.
Not only do the essential oils give Glow Oil a beautiful fragrance,
they provide anti-ageing, antimicrobial, and astringent
properties to the skin. All skin types will benefit from using
essential oils.
Containing stabilised vitamin C which provides antioxidant
protection to the skin, helping to prevent free radical damage
and signs of premature skin ageing. Vitamin C also help bring
radiance and brightening effects to the skin.
Essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6 quickly absorb into the skin
and reinforce the skin’s natural barrier for optimal protection
and hydration.

Glow Oil 30ml

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