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There is a lot to consider when choosing the right clinic, practitioner and treatment for you. We welcome any questions that you may have. Here are some answers to questions we have received so far...

What should I be looking for when choosing where to go for treatment?

It is advisable that the practitioner treating you should be able to offer the following:

  • A medical assessment to ensure it is safe and suitable for you to receive treatment

  • Full informed consent for treatments including the relevant facts and considerations

  • A 'cooling-off' period to allow you sufficient time to consider treatment options and make a decision without any pressure

  • Treatment by a professional who is medically qualified, registered with a statutory body, appropriately trained and up to date in the speciality of medical aesthetics, well experienced and fully insured to ensure that you are in the safest possible hands

  • Treatment with products that are high quality, genuine, licensed, evidence based and sourced, stored and maintained appropriately

  • Treatment in a suitable environment that is clean, well equipped and compliant with health and safety legislation. It is also important that treatment never takes place at parties, particularly where alcohol is provided.

  • Detailed aftercare advice and contact details should any problems arise. Consider where your practitioner is based and if not where you saw them, find out how frequently they visit. This may be an issue should you have any concerns post-treatment.

  • Review appointments should you need them

Why is it so important to see a medical professional for treatment?

In addition to the higher level of medical training, anatomical knowledge and experience in dealing with clinical scenarios and emergencies, only registered medical professionals (such as doctors, nurses and dentists) are accountable to a professional body. This means that they have a legal and professional responsibility to ensure your safety (in contrast to unqualified therapists who cannot guarantee this). A registered medical professional is duty-bound to ensure they are adequately experienced, trained and clinically competent to carry out aesthetic procedures. They must adhere to strict hygiene standards, work in suitably set-up clinical environments that are equipped to deal with complications and medical emergencies should they arise. They are also obliged to hold professional indemnity insurance with the option of a redress scheme in the eventuality that a complaint is raised.

Do I have to have a consultation before treatment?

Consultations appointments are offered separately to treatment appointments to allow plenty of time for you to carefully consider the various treatment options and the associated risks/side effects and then make a decision without any pressure. 

It also allows time for your practitioner to prescribe and order any products required especially for you.

You will be assessed by our Nurse Practitioner who will take a full clinical history and only go ahead if you are medically suitable for treatment.

How do I know if the products used are safe and effective?

Your safety is our ultimate priority, followed very closely by achieving you excellent results.

We only use the highest quality products that have total trace-ability to a UK manufacturer. This means that you will always receive a genuine product that has a proven record of safety and efficacy.

You will always receive treatment with products and materials that are opened and used for you only.

You are always welcome to ask for a copy of your treatment records which will show the products you've received and their unique batch number and expiry date.

Who will be carrying out my treatment?

You will only ever be treated by our highly qualified and experienced

Nurse Practitioner who has been working in the specialist field of aesthetics for over 7 years, throughout which time she has been honing her skills and regularly attending highly regarded training and updates relating to the advances in aesthetic products and techniques.

Where will I be seen and how long will I wait for an appointment?

Sally now dedicates all of her working time to aesthetics and is passionate about keeping up to date by attending training, exhibitions and conferences numerous times a year. We are permanently based at our Lincoln clinic, so you will always know where to find us and be able to get in touch easily. We hold 4-5 clinics a week, including evenings and weekends, so getting an appointment in good time and at a time that suits you should never be a problem.

You should never be afraid to ask to see evidence that the person treating you is who they say they are and that they genuinely hold the qualifications that they say they do.

You can check our Nurse Practitioner, Sally Jacqueline Rouse's current registration status here...

(All you need is a first and second name to search the NMC register).

Copies of all of Sally's academic and professional qualifications, as well as her relevant training certificates are displayed/available to see in clinic.

FAQ: About
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