Recommended for:


● Customers concerned by skin ageing and photodamage around the eyes
● Customer with mature skin
● Customers looking for preventative ageing
● Customers who want to enhance the results of skin rejuvenation
procedures (medical skin needling, IPL, injectables, fillers, chemical
peels, lasers, dermabrasion etc.)


One problem with vitamin A serums is that they often cause
redness and irritation when first using them. Medik8’s intelligent
Time Release system minimises irritation and ensures retinol is
evenly distributed across the skin.
Our retinol serums are based on nourishing oils. This not only
cares for the skin with moisturising emollients, but also keeps
temperamental retinol away from water, which can quickly
oxidise vitamin A rendering it useless. We also manufacture the
serums in an oxygen free environment to ensure full power.
Retinol is notorious for its exceptional results, but also causing
irritation for new users. Medik8’s retinol ladder helps customers
phase vitamin A into their routines, with minimal irritation and
maximum results.

Retinol Eye TR 7ml


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