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Recommended for:


● Customers concerned by extensive skin ageing and photodamage
● Customers looking for pure vitamin C
● Customers concerned with dull skin or hyperpigmentation
● Customers who want to enhance the results of skin rejuvenation
procedures (medical skin needling, IPL, injectables, fillers, chemical
peels, lasers, dermabrasion etc.)


Ascorbic acid is notoriously difficult to stabilise. Sometimes
vitamin C products turn yellow over time which indicates that
the vitamin C is reacting with the air and losing its power. Medik8
takes extraordinary steps to keep Pure C15 potent for as long
as possible. The intelligent formula is supplied in 2 smaller
bottles to minimise exposure to air.
When the bottles are being filled, they are placed in a special
chamber saturated with nitrogen, rather than air, to stop
ascorbic acid from coming into contact with oxygen. The
rechargeable antioxidant network and optimised pH helps to
keep the formula stable once it has been opened. Each bottle is
guaranteed to stay fresh and potent for at least 8 weeks after
Ascorbic acid is combined with vitamin E and glutathione, two
other antioxidants naturally found in the body. This complex
mimics the skin’s natural defensive system and forms a
rechargeable antioxidant network. The antioxidants work
synergistically to boost their overall antioxidant power, while
regenerating each other for long-lasting potency.
Our body has a natural defence system of antioxidants, which
give the free radicals a spare electron to stop them doing
damage to our skin cells. When there are more free radicals
than antioxidants the skin becomes overwhelmed in a process
called oxidative stress where it cannot protect itself fully from
free radical damage. The radicals can attack collagen
molecules, cellular DNA and cell membranes to weaken them.
This impairs cellular regeneration leading to sagging and
wrinkled skin. Vitamin C provides the body’s natural antioxidant
system with a boost to help it fight off free radicals; shielding the
skin from their damaging effects.

Pure C15 - 2 x 15ml

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