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Recommended for:


● Customers concerned by skin ageing and photodamage
● Customers with normal or sensitive skin
● Customers who want a sumptuous foaming cleanser
● Customers who appreciate an entry-level price
● Customers looking for a gentle cleanser that enhances the barrier
function of the skin


The cleansing action of cleansers comes from the surfactants
which remove excess sebum and dirt from skin, leaving it clean.
Too strong surfactants can also remove components that are
essential for hydration and barrier function such as proteins and
lipids leading to significant dryness. Medik8 Gentle Cleanse is
formulated with a selection of specific cleansing agents to
efficiently remove excess of oil, dirt, impurities and make-up
leaving the skin clean without being harsh and avoiding
The lightweight foam texture of Gentle Cleanse is formulated
sulphate and soap free to prevent irritation to the skin. Some
foaming cleansers contain cleaning agents which make the pH
a very high alkaline (of more than 8). This can strip the skin’s
natural protective barrier, leaving it vulnerable to water loss and
damage. Medik8 cleansers are carefully pH balanced to be
gentle on the delicate protective barrier; leaving skin nourished
and cared for.
Giving Gentle Cleanse it’s refreshing botanical fragrance as well
as providing antioxidant protection to the skin.

Gentle Cleanse 150ml

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